Capital Budget Process
Guilford County engages in a number of activities to assess and plan for the short- and long-term needs of the community. One of the processes that focuses on long-term infrastructure needs (e.g., schools, detention facilities, ambulance bases, etc.) is the Capital Investment Planning program. Each year, Guilford County prepares a ten-year capital investment plan (CIP) to report on major construction and other infrastructure projects that will be needed over the next decade. This plan captures expected costs and revenues for significant public projects that meet three criteria:

1) They cost at least $100,000
2) They will take one year or more to complete
3) They will provide a long-term benefit to the County as a capital asset

Potential new projects are reviewed by staff from County Administration, Budget, Management and Evaluation, Finance, Internal Audit, Property Management, Facilities, Information Services, and other departments. Upon completion of the reviews, selected projects are presented to the Board for discussion and inclusion in the latest capital investment plan.
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